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Dog Washing Tamworth

Mobile Furdressers are a mobile dog groomer business grooming dogs in Tamworth, Lichfield, Sutton coldfield, Swadlincote, Burton on Trent, Birmingham and much of the East & West Midlands

Dog Groomer Burton on Trent
  • Full Clip

  • Deshed of the Coat

  • Handstripping

  • Trim/Tidy Up

  • Wash & Dry

  • Nail Trimming

  • Ears Cleaned/Plucked
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Mobile Dog Groomer Atherstone Lichfield

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The Mobile Furdressers

Mobile: 0744 546 9188

Here at The Mobile Furdressers, we offer a number of services for your dogs including a full clip, a deshed of the coat, handstripping, or just a trim and tidy up.

All grooms include ears cleaned/plucked if required, nail trimming and a wash and dry.

We cover much of the West Midlands and East Midlands approximately a 15 mile radius of Tamworth including, Polesworth, Atherstone, Lichfield, Sutton Coldfield, Swadlincote, Ashby, and Burton on Trent. If you are unsure whether we would service your address, please call us to confirm.

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